Smart Post

Smart POS

Intuitive point of sale technology for retailers and Restauranteurs. State-of-the-art marketing and reporting tools that help run business smarter.

Payment Acceptance

Payment Acceptance

Low-cost card processing with options to accept cash and new-age payment methods like ApplePay, Bitcoins, Paypal, Venmo and more.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

RESTful APIs, iOS/Android SDK, and HTTP Authentication. Everything Opensource making it easier to integrate with multiple systems.

Verticals: Restaurants

The all-in-one food-service and restaurant management suite
designed to make it easier to manage guests, staff, marketing, finances
and even the menu, thereby helping restaurant operators thrive no matter their size.

Easy Ordering

Intuitive algorithm recognizes business improvement and customer service opportunities. Built-in intelligence automatically suggests combos, sizes, and sides, which in turn helps your team sell more and keep customers coming back for more.

Easy Ordering

Advanced CRM

Drill down into a customer’s dining history and automatically generate reports from your CRM. We focus on data, thereby helping you understand and focus more on your customer.

Advanced Reporting

Break-down costs, see sales in real-time, and understand what sells best and when. Advanced reporting gives you customized reporting on hundreds of data points across your transactions.



Revolutionize the guest experience with our flexible ecosystem. We help you find the right hardware for your concept and enable your staff to order and accept payments at the table.

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